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Secrets of Security Doors

Every steel door doesn’t give you the security and durability you want. ıf you want to have a steel door which will protect you under all circumstances, provide you a high security and will endure for long years, there are some points you need to pay attention.

SUR Security Door continuously improves applications based on laws, regulatory requirements, consumer awareness and the idea of valuing people and the environment.

You are going to decide to buy a steel door once or maybe twice in your lifetime. So, you really need to do a good research and buy a steel door which will make you feel safe for long years.

Not every steel door is a genuine steel door! If you want to feel the confidence of owning a genuine steel door, the security of the steel door you’re going to buy must be tested and approved by independent institutions. You had better chose a steel door brand that especially has European Union Theft-resistance Certificate. Among the brands which don’t provide a EU certificate, it is very important for your safety to chose a brand with at least a TSE certificate.

Steel doors which have the European Union Theft-resistance Certificate are classified as Class1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6. With the same order, Class 1, is the easiest one to be opened and Class 6 is the most difficult one. For the door you are going to buy, you must ask for these kinds of test certificates. Don’t forget, security of the steel doors that doesn’t have these certificates is unreliable.

Buy your door from manufacturer companies who have been in this business for a long time and have a corporate structure or from their authorized dealers. Be sure that the company you bought your door from has a full and trouble-free after-sale service. Steel doors made by unregistered manufacturers can threaten your safety. The gap between the door and the frame of the steel door you want to discard should not be more than 4-5 mm. if the gap is bigger, it will be easier to open the door with a crank. Don’t forget that this little detail will give you a great security.

Ask for EN 1627 EU Theft-resistance Certificate from the brand you buy your door.

If the lock that is used on a steel door is going to be strong than the place that the lock sits on should also be strong. For example, a building that doesn’t have a strong base may collapse just with a small quake. The base of a steel door is where the lock sits. Steel doors that don’t have a strong lock sit will be opened easily even if a very strong lock is used.

Furthermore; inaccessibility of the region the key entered should be ensured. There is a badge system on steel doors that protects this region. This badge system should be strong enough to hold against a chisel. Not every badge system can do this. Ask for satisfactory information about the badge system from the company you want to buy your steel door.

Don’t think that every steel door is safe. You have to look for a high security steel door.

The hinge of the steel door should be adjustable. These kind of doors are easily adjusted according to the bending of the building they are set in. Welded hinges don’t have this ability.

The closing quality of your steel door shows its real quality. A steel door which is to be used for years should be closed easily and quietly even with a little push of your fingers. The quality of the lock pickup system provides this convenience. You feel comfortable and safe.

Look for double sealing system on your steel doors. These kind of steel doors don’t only protect you from theft, they also protect you from cold, hot, noise, dust and bugs. It gives you a perfect isolation and makes you feel comfortable.

Steel door should be mounted with concrete filling. The cost of concrete filling is more expensive than polyurethane filling but the security it offers is superior. Steel doors becomes integrated with concrete thus the bending of the steel door frame is prevented. Ask for satisfactory information about this bending from the company you want to buy your door.

If you are to buy a steel door which is going to have contact with the façade you may prefer aluminum or glass coated doors. Aluminum and glass are the most convenient materials for outside use; they aren’t effected from rain, corrosion and sun light. Even more, they are long-lasting and give your home a prestige look.

Considering that your taste, or the trend may change or maybe that you will be bored looking at the same door for a long time, be careful to buy a modular door. So that, without changing the steel door completely you can change the look of your door without doing any harm to your house.

Don’t forget that a good steel door doesn’t only offers you security but also it gives you value and prestige. It is true that beauty is as important as security. The first place that is seen on your house is your door and the look of your exterior door gives clues about your personality.